Great Divide

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he Great Divide

‎The Great Divide can be crossed in about a full day if one has or is an expert guide. Some believe that the canyon was a natural result of millions of years of erosion, while local belief holds that the canyon was first formed by angered Earth Spirits who lacked proper sacrifices from local farmers. Although having a typically arid climate, the canyon is home to various insects and omnivorous arachnoid creatures, most notable being Canyon Crawlers. These creatures possess a superior sense of smell and will attack passerby if they are carrying food. The single way down the canyon is by a narrow path along the sheer cliff wall. The canyon itself is wrought with missing sections of wall and spontaneous avalanches. It is therefore essential to be crossed only with the aid of the Earthbender guide, who is familiar with the secrets of the canyon and is able to re-construct or de-construct sections of the trail.


Great Divide

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